Lync Smith - Altarum CEO - PortraitAs President and Chief Executive Officer, I often make the case that Altarum is a unique resource in a crowded field of health and health care consulting organizations. I can make this claim for three reasons.

First, Altarum is built upon a nonprofit business model through which we provide both objective research and client-centered consulting services. Our internally funded and contract research agenda shapes our core consulting services, ensuring that those services are insightful and technically rigorous. And our consulting practice keeps our research program rooted in the real world – the world that our clients are facing today.

Second, all of the work that we do – be it our consulting, our research, or our mission projects – is informed by our systems perspective. That perspective begins by recognizing that there is no single health care system. Health and health care depend on a complex fabric of systems that are constantly interacting, evolving, and ultimately shaping human health. As systems researchers, we are trained to see and understand the larger environment in which problems arise and for which sustainable solutions can be crafted.

Finally, the diversity of perspective and background found in our staff is matched only by the diversity of clients whom we serve and challenges that we address across the continuum of health and health care programs. We have many voices within the Institute but only one purpose: to deliver comprehensive, systems-based solutions that improve health and health care.

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Linc Smith