June 18, 2014

Research, Initiatives, and Consulting

Miles of Smiles for Michigan Children

Childhood dental disease is relatively inexpensive to prevent, yet dental decay is the most prevalent chronic condition among low-income children in the United States. With a Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation grant of $9.6 million, Altarum Institute, in collaboration with Delta Dental of Michigan, the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, and the Michigan Department of Community Health, is working on a comprehensive program to reduce the burden of childhood dental disease. For more information, contact Dan Armijo.

The Role of SNAP in Improving Nutritional Behaviors

Altarum’s Center for Food Assistance and Nutrition and RTI International recently hosted a forum to discuss the design of educational programs to improve the nutritional status of low-income Americans. To continue the conversation, contact Loren Bell.

Celebrating Progress in Women’s Health

Is 30 years ago ancient history or a time that you remember with fondness? Either way, check out the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office on Women’s Health 30 Achievements in Women’s Health in 30 Years website. They’re highlighting 30 achievements in women’s health in the last 30 years in honor of the HHS Coordinating Committee on Women’s Health’s 30th anniversary! Also, from inventing the pregnancy test to discovering how to prevent transmission of HIV from mother to child, learn how National Institutes of Health-funded research has improved women’s health. For more information, contact Beth Maloney.

Quality Family Planning: Launch of New National Guidelines

In April, the HHS Office of Population Affairs (OPA) released Recommendations for Providing Quality Family Planning (QFP) Services. Developed with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the QFP has several important features to improve quality of care and help individuals and couples achieve their desired number and spacing of healthy children. In its role as an OPA Family Planning National Training Center, Altarum supported the launch of the QFP and new Title X Requirements with webinars that attracted more than 2,000 family planning professionals. Altarum created job aids, training tools, and continuing education materials that are helping providers understand the new recommendations and improve service delivery. For more information, contact Zena Itani.

Clinical Site Management Under Risk-Based Monitoring

At the May 2014 Society for Clinical Trials meeting, KAI Research, Inc. staff members Betsy Knight and Alexandra Stout discussed how clinical study monitors can effectively manage study sites and motivate them to comply with regulations to ensure participant safety under a risk-based monitoring plan. Successful management strategies under risk-based plans increase remote and centralized monitoring activities such as virtual site initiation sessions, electronic regulatory review, and remote source data verification. KAI is familiar with adopting clinical trial management approaches to implement effective strategies and achieve compliance with study regulations. For more information, please contact information@kai-research.com.

Publications and Resources

Help Us Write Our Book on Aging

With funding from the Milbank Foundation, Dr. Joanne Lynn and the Center for Elder Care and Advanced Illness have begun to draft a new book, The MediCaring Imperative: How to Build Communities That Serve Frail Elders (and the Future). It describes the challenges that aging Americans face as they live long lives and reach an age when most will depend on others to help get through each day. MediCaring is a comprehensive approach to providing seniors with medical care, long-term care, and social support services. Comments, ideas, and contributions on this work in progress, either online or to writer Janice Lynch Schuster, are welcome.

The Quality of Your Health Care

Quality measures are currently reported almost exclusively at the facility level. Forthcoming physician quality data are expected to be reported primarily at the level of the group practice. Little has been known about consumers’ understanding of and interest in practice-level measures until now. To find out more, review the study or contact Wendy Lynch.

News and Events

The Continued Quest for Value

Historically slow growth in national health expenditures may be ending, but either way, health spending growth remains the single most important driver of long-term fiscal deficits. Join Altarum’s Center for Sustainable Health Spending, on July 15 in Washington, DC, or via webcast as we discuss the latest on health spending growth and future trends for spending growth and efficiency. To see our speaker lineup, register, or download the agenda, click here or contact Paul Hughes-Cromwick.

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