January 29, 2015

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards for Y-USA

Nationwide, more than 8 million children and adolescents participate in afterschool programs. Recognizing the potential of the afterschool setting for engaging children, many stakeholder groups have worked to develop and adopt standards for obesity prevention in afterschool environments. More about these new national standards.

Reducing Early Elective Deliveries

Tara Trudnak-Fowler, Altarum’s lead researcher on data extraction and presentation projects, recently co-authored a Health Affairs article on early elective deliveries paid for by Medicaid. “Reducing early elective deliveries has become a priority for Medicaid medical directors and their State partners,” the researchers note. “Such deliveries lead to poor health outcomes for newborns and their mothers and generate additional costs for patients, providers, and Medicaid, which pays for up to 48 percent of all births in the United States each year.” Read Dr. Trudnak-Fowler’s blog post, The latest research on early-term elective deliveries in Medicaid for more information on this study.

MediCaring Infographic

MediCaring® is the exciting idea that Americans can learn to build reliable, effective, and efficient arrangements for services to support one another when we face the serious chronic conditions associated with very old age or the last years of life — and that such a care system will be quite different from the one we have now. Click here for the latest MediCaring infographic.

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