Altarum Subject Matter Experts

Alyson Kristensen Portrait

Alyson Hazen Kristensen

Program Manager

Amjad Quereshi

Amjad Qureshi

Co-Director, Center for Vehicle Safety

Amy Ewing portrait

Amy Ewing Pianalto

Director of Strategic Communications at Palladian Partners Inc., an Altarum Company

Ani Turner

Ani Turner

Co-Director, Altarum's Center for Sustainable Health Spending

Anne Montgomery Portrait

Anne Montgomery

Deputy Director, Center for Elder Care and Advanced Illness

Anya Day

Anya Day

Director, Altarum Institute Center for Implementation Science

Barbara Spadafore

Barbara Spadafore

Project Manager, Public Health Systems

Beth Maloney portrait

Beth Maloney

President, Palladian Partners, Inc., an Altarum Company

Brad Smith Portrait

Brad Smith

Altarum Institute Alumnus

Bruce Maki

Bruce Maki

Regulatory and Incentive Program Analyst

Chantell Frazier

Chantell Frazier

Senior Health Care Researcher

Charles Roehrig

Charles Roehrig

Founding Director, Altarum's Center for Sustainable Health Spending, Institute Fellow

Chris Duke

Chris Duke

Director, Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care

Christopher Katkocin Portrait

Chris Katkocin

Deputy Service Area Manager, Management Consulting

Christine Stanik

Christine Stanik

Senior Researcher

Chris Botsko Portrait

Christopher Botsko

Senior Specialist in Community and Systems Change, Center for Healthy Child and Youth Development

Christopher Calderone

Christopher Calderone

Lean Healthcare Consultant, Information and Technology Strategies

Dan Armijo Portrait

Dan Armijo

Vice President and Director, Information and Technology Strategies

Denise Raybon Portrait

Denise Raybon

Senior Specialist

Diana Williams Portrait

Diana Williams

Director, Behavioral Health Technical Assistance Center

Dr. Ellen Fox Portrait

Ellen Fox

Director, Center for Ethics in Health Care

Eric Gelman Portrait

Eric Gelman

Director, Population Health Strategies Group

François de Brantes

Vice-President and Director of the Center for Payment Innovation

George Miller Portrait

George Miller

Altarum Institute Fellow

Glen Greenlee

Glen Greenlee

Vice President and Director, Health Care Analytics

Jeff Brabant

Jeff Brabant

Managing Consultant, Business Advisory Services

Jennifer Rogers Portrait

Jennifer Rogers

Project Director

Jesse Milan Portrait

Jesse Milan

Altarum Institute Fellow

Jim Laramie Portrait

Jim Laramie

Deputy Director, Health Care Analytics

Jim Lee

Jim Lee

Vice President and Director, Systems Research & Initiatives Group

Joanne Lynn Portrait

Joanne Lynn

Director, Altarum's Center for Elder Care and Advanced Illness

Joe Mack Portrait

Joe Mack

Revenue Cycle Management Consultant, Business Advisory Services

John Hufford

John Hufford

Director, Analytics & Performance Improvement

Judith Varela

Judith Varela

Deputy Director, Center for Implementation Science

Karah Mantinan Portrait

Karah Mantinan

Deputy Director, Altarum's Center for Healthy Child and Youth Development

Kathy Dimeo Portrait

Katherine Dimeo

Vice President, Clinical and Population Health Research, Altarum Institute; President, KAI Research, Inc., an Altarum Company

Laura Haeberle

Laura Haeberle

Michigan Center for Effective IT Adoption (M-CEITA) Commercial Services Program Manager, Information and Technology Strategies

Laura Rappleye Portrait

Laura Rappleye

Deputy Director, Center for Connected Health, Health Innovations, and Technical Assistance

Linc Smith Portrait

Linc Smith

President, CEO, and Trustee, Altarum Institute

Linnea Sallack Portrait

Linnea Sallack

Director, Altarum Institute Center for Food and Nutrition

Loren Bell Portrait

Loren Bell

Altarum Institute Fellow

Marshall Contino

Marshall Contino

Director of the Center for Vehicle Safety

Matthew Michaelson

Matthew Michaelson

Analyst II, Analysis and Performance Improvement

Max Burke Portrait

Max Burke

Practice Lead, Stakeholder Engagement

Melanie Ogleton Portrait

Melanie Ogleton

Deputy Project Director, Behavioral Health Technical Assistance Center

Michael Slover Portrait

Michael Slover

Senior Analyst

Paul Hughes-Cromwick

Paul Hughes-Cromwick

Co-Director, Altarum's Center for Sustainable Health Spending

Rene Kozloff Portrait

Rene Kozloff

Founder, KAI Research; Senior Clinical Research Scientist

Rick Keller

Rick Keller

Practice Area Director, Public Health Systems

Ryan Lay Portrait

Ryan Lay

Vice President and Director, Business Advisory Services

Sam Wang

Sam Wang

Senior Systems Developer

Selma Kunitz Portrait

Selma Kunitz

Founder, KAI Research; Senior Clinical Research Scientist

Shaheen Khan Portrait

Shaheen Khan

Lead, Policy & Compliance Community of Practice

Sheryl Mathis Portrait

Sheryl Mathis

Senior Specialist

Stacy Gleason Portrait

Stacy Gleason

Deputy Director, Center for Food and Nutrition

Susan Gilbert Portrait

Susan Gilbert

Co-Director, National Coalition for Sexual Health

Tara Fowler Portrait

Tara Trudnak-Fowler

Project Manager

Thomas Wilkinson Portrait

Thomas Wilkinson

Senior Survey Methodologist, Altarum Institute

Tibor Szentendrei Portrait

Tibor Szentendrei

Senior Clinical Research Scientist

Tim Borchert Portrait

Tim Borchert

Deputy Director, Business Advisory Services

Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor

Senior Health Economist, Center for Appropriate Care

Wendy Lynch Portrait

Wendy Lynch

Altarum Institute Fellow

Yun Lu Portrait

Yun Lu

Manager, Clinical Data Management Systems