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Bipartisanship is Back: Congressional Cooperation Suggests Momentum is Growing for Aging Reforms

August 10, 2017

| Anne Montgomery

Evidence-based, high-value health care reform is greatly aided by congressional bipartisanship, but more is needed.

Presidential Opioid Commission’s Final Recommendations Must Include Recovery Supports

August 8, 2017

| Tom Coderre

The federal Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis last week released its much anticipated recommendations.

Paths to Sustainable Health Care Spending Require Attention to Long-Term Services and Supports

July 11, 2017

| Anne Montgomery

In the U.S. and around the globe, longevity on a mass scale is posing new challenges for health care systems.

The Payment Reform Landscape: Is The Debate Over Retrospective Versus Prospective Bundled Payments A Distraction?

June 23, 2017

| François de Brantes

Let’s put aside the discussion of prospective versus retrospective and continue to experiment with various ways to implement bundled payment—a method that has real potential to improve quality and reduce spending.

Helping Clinicians Tackle the Opioid Crisis with More Effective Prescribing Practices

May 19, 2017

| Gregory Makris

Altarum’s Health Innovations and Technical Assistance (HITA) team has developed a comprehensive program to tackle this issue at the source—by furnishing clinicians with the knowledge and tools necessary to foster responsible opioid prescribing, improving patient education around opioid use, and providing technical assistance to promote use of prescription drug monitoring programs.

Expanded Coverage Has Pushed Health Services Employment Up by Roughly 240,000 Jobs

April 12, 2017

| Charles Roehrig | Ani Turner

This blog provides the best estimate of the total number of additional health jobs that are attributable to the expansion in health insurance coverage that began in 2014 under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

What’s Behind 2.5 Million New Health Jobs?

March 22, 2017

| Ani Turner | Charles Roehrig

The remarkable performance of the health sector in continuing to create jobs through the recession and recovery has garnered much attention over the past few years.

State Veteran Profile FY15

March 15, 2017

| François de Brantes

One Sentence Description here

Beyond Volunteer Work, Bridging Health Fairs to Community Dentists

February 23, 2017

| Fareeha Shuttari | Imen Alem

Led by a dedicated Altarum team, the transformation of oral health is currently underway in Michigan, thanks to the Michigan Caries Prevention Program (MCPP). Dental disease is the most common chronic disease among children—and it is also entirely preventable.

City Living = Active, Healthy Lifestyles? Maybe Not for All

January 31, 2017

| Sarah Lifsey

There is a standard set of urban planning tips for communities looking to reduce childhood obesity and increase physical activity: build your neighborhoods on a connected grid pattern, install and maintain sidewalks, and provide access to public transit and parks within walking distance.

A Toolbox for Clinical Trials

January 26, 2017

| Tibor Szentendrei

Managing clinical trials is a complex endeavor and an uncharted territory for many new clinical investigators.

Closing the Referral Loop: Communication via Michigan’s Dental Registry

January 10, 2017

| Imen Alem

Altarum has recently launched a public health Web application, Michigan’s Dental Registry (MiDR℠), aimed at transforming the way medical and dental providers communicate regarding their patients’ oral health.

Rising Deductibles Are Not Yet a Financial Burden, but Early Evidence Shows an Impact on Access to Care

December 15, 2016

| Jim Lee | Beth Beaudin-Seiler | Corey Rhyan

Rising Deductibles Are Not Yet a Financial Burden, but Early Evidence Shows an Impact on Access to Care

Helping Patients and Health Care Providers Have “The Talk”

December 6, 2016

| Alyson Kristensen

Sexuality is a natural part of being human and nearly everyone has at least one sexual relationship during their lifetime.

World AIDS Day: What's Next?

December 1, 2016

| Tanesha Burley | Jesse Milan

December 1 marks the 28th commemoration of World AIDS Day, and while we have progressed through several United States presidential administrations over these 28 years, this one marks a change of great significance.

SmileConnect℠: Focusing on Preventative Dentistry

November 29, 2016

| Fareeha Shuttari

The team of Altarum’s, is focused on providing free oral healthcare resources and services to children across Michigan.

Patient Satisfaction: A Key Factor in Healthcare Performance Assessment

November 15, 2016

| Cydny Black | Hendi Crosby Kowal

Patient experience is an important indicator in assessing hospital and clinic performance.

Honor Veterans by Making the Connections to Serve Them Better

November 10, 2016

| Elena Bridges

Honor Veterans by Making the Connections to Serve Them Better

Sustainable U.S. Health Spending in the Next Administration: Symposium Summary

November 7, 2016

| Paul Hughes-Cromwick | Ani Turner

It would be a vast understatement to say that the excitement is building toward the U.S. presidential election and down ballot results. While health care policy was not a prime focus during the election season, it has garnered attention recently, especially with Affordable Care exchange premium increases.

New Center For Ethics In Health Care: Aiming To Make A Difference Through Systems Change

October 20, 2016

| Ellen Fox

Historically, the field of bioethics has focused much attention on ethical issues raised by the latest advances in medical science.