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Altarum Institute’s Health Policy Forum offers a neutral setting for discussion and consideration of health-related issues facing our nation.  Authors represent leading thinkers in health research, policy, and advocacy and include Altarum staff members and guest contributors who provide insightful, fact-based commentary and analysis regarding a range of health care topics. The site reaches a diverse audience of roughly 4,000 visitors from academia, government, industry, and health-related fields.

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Understand Consumer Mindsets that Motivate Health Change

October 21, 2014

If you are a health care provider and quibble over consumer and patient buy-in, then the results of this health care study were designed for you.

What’s In a Health Care-Related Name Change? Plenty, When it’s Integrative

October 16, 2014

If there has been a more perplexing assignment in medicine than the one that Congress assigned to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 1998—to research public use of alternative medical practices, therapies, and substances—it is hard to imagine.

A 10-Year Projection of the Prescription Drug Share of National Health Expenditures, Including Nonretail

October 14, 2014

In a new report, CSHS has added estimates of the nonretail prescription drug component to the 10-year CMS NHE projection.

The Next Generation of New Health Foundations is on the Horizon

October 9, 2014

Beginning in the 1970s and picking up speed in the late 1980s, the conversion of nonprofit health care organizations to for-profit status created many new foundations.

Knowing Kevin Bacon: When Six Degrees of Separation is Too Many

October 7, 2014

I don’t know Kevin Bacon, but my pastor’s daughter’s fiancé works in Hollywood. I suspect I can get from him to Kevin in another three steps.

Sitting on the Sidelines and Punishment Laps: Physical Activity and School Discipline

October 2, 2014

If your memories of school include sitting on the sidelines at recess watching the other kids play as a consequence for not finishing your homework, or if the thought of taking up jogging brings back unhappy memories of forced punishment laps around the track, take heart that school districts are working to take the use of physical activity as punishment out of the school day.

Social Healing Words: Healing Ourselves

September 30, 2014

When we speak differently about something, we begin to think and feel differently about it. This concept stands true for behavioral health services.

The Future of Home Health Care

September 26, 2014

Dr. Joanne Lynn of the Altarum Institute will take part in a workshop hosted by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and National Research Council titled “The Future of Home Health Care” to discuss the current state of home health in the nation’s health care delivery system in order to improve the understanding of the role that home health care will play in the future.

Consumer-Directed Health Plans (CDHPs): One Observer’s Perspective on One Employer’s Experience

September 25, 2014

When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was initially passed and being implemented, there were several questions regarding the future of high-deductible health plans, including whether they would continue to exist.

Have you SEEN your options? Focusing consumerism on Safe, Effective, Economical, Necessary choices

September 23, 2014

A recent conversation with my friend Jane (a well-educated professional) was not an unusual one.

Understanding our Own Complicity: Addressing Disparities in Family Planning and Contraception Use

September 18, 2014

Earlier this month, we attended the 2014 National Reproductive Health Conference as part of Altarum’s work with the Family Planning National Training Centers.

National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day

September 18, 2014

I have been living with HIV for 32 years. I was infected in my twenties. Do the math.

It’s Hunger Action Month: What About Seniors?

September 16, 2014

Every September, advocates come together during Hunger Action Month around the shared goal of ending hunger in America.

Observing the Personal Journey of Recovery

September 11, 2014

Every September, National Recovery Month serves as a reminder that addiction affects all aspects of a person’s life.

Does Your Company Have A Consistent Voice?

September 9, 2014

One of the most effective ways to make sure your company’s message is getting through is being able to speak to your prospects in a consistent voice.

Six Burning Questions Health Care Leaders Have About ACOs

September 4, 2014

If you ask health care leaders what they think about Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), you won’t be short on answers.

The Latest Findings on Medicaid Readmission Rates

September 2, 2014

Hospital Readmissions present a key policy issue for clinical leaders of state Medicaid programs.

Social Healing Words: Aligning Our Language with the Transforming Behavioral Health Landscape Part II

August 28, 2014

In part 1 of this blog post series, we established that the words that we use matter.

Successes and Challenges of School Lunch Reform

August 26, 2014

Obesity has become an increasingly prevalent health concern amongst the youth in the United States.

A Personal Story, a Global Dialogue

August 21, 2014

Like many of you, over the past several months, I have watched the tragedy of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa unfold.



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