Doctor at computerThe fall 2013 Altarum Survey of Consumer Health Care Opinions is the fifth in an ongoing series of semiannual surveys produced by the Altarum Institute Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care.

The goal of the series is to document consumer opinions about their role in health care decisions and factors that may influence their preferences and actions.

This report covers several areas. It begins with an overview of the survey respondents, including their demographic characteristics, level of cost sharing, self-reported health status, and use of health care services. Next, the report describes consumers’ preferred role in making health care decisions, sources of information used to select providers, and comfort in seeking and applying information about the quality and cost of health care.

The report also explores new areas regarding consumer opinions pertaining to

  • The high cost of health care in the United States,
  • The role that key stakeholders play in contributing to and reducing health care costs,
  • The amount of money consumers have saved for health care expenses after they retire,
  • Consumers’ use of use of electronic and mobile health technologies, and
  • Consumers’ experiences with health insurance exchanges.

Download the complete report.

Fall 2013 Altarum Institute Survey of Consumer Health Care Opinions