Altarum’s Center for Vehicle Safety employs nationally recognized vehicle safety leaders holding multi-disciplinary credentials. We leverage these technical and programmatic safety leaders to help end vehicle-related crashes, injuries, and fatalities.  Our Vehicle Safety experts have credentials including, but not limited to:  driving instruction, engineering, ergonomics, hazardous materials, health-care finance, program management, research, statistics, surveys and traffic flagging. 

A few of our key Vehicle Safety Leaders are:

Mr. MARSHALL CONTINO:  Marshall is the director of Altarum’s Center for Vehicle Safety and has more than 20 years of programmatic and technical expertise in public safety and health. He has senior-level expertise providing support to vehicle safety, injury prevention, and risk management initiatives. Marshall works collaboratively with federal and commercial vehicle safety stakeholders to provide research data and leading edge vehicle safety solutions that reduce overall crashes, injuries, and fatalities. He leads the Institute’s vehicle safety partnerships, and has coordinated highly automated vehicle (HAV) demonstration projects, testing and evaluation (T&E) data collection efforts, and vehicle safety policy implementation research. He led the development of comprehensive third party checklists to document the behavioral competencies of HAV systems, and led the conduct of safety and feasibility tests for HAV proving grounds. He has received formal training in traffic safety from the American Automobile Association (AAA), road flagging from the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA), defensive driving from the National Safety Council (NSC), and driver education from Porsche. Marshall is an experienced program manager, vehicle safety expert, mechanic and driver who has been participating in Drivers Education (DE) and High Performance Driving Clinic (HPDC) events across the country for 20 years. Most recently, he completed feasibility testing and safety assessments for a state of the art facility and highly automated vehicle proving grounds.  

Mr. AMJAD QURESHIAmjad is co-director of Altarum’s Center for Vehicle Safety and has more than 40 years of programmatic and technical expertise in public and occupational safety & health. He holds national board certifications as a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), and a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM). He has authored dozens of Safety Management Plans (SMPs) for multiple world-class organizations and his scope of industry experiences spans commercial sectors, as well as United States federal and foreign governments. He served as a career naval officer, environmental and safety director for private companies, and as a federal agency safety officer. He specializes in safety and health management systems (SHMS), behavior-based safety (BBS), voluntary protection program (VPP), organizational risk management (ORM), business continuity management (BCM), business case analysis (BCA) and business process reengineering (BPR). He is a seasoned instructor and educator, and has developed and taught driving safety training for 30-plus years. Most recently, he completed a comprehensive SMP and comprehensive health, safety and environmental (HSE) assessment for a state-of the art facility and highly automated vehicle (HAV) proving grounds.  Amjad has also developed comprehensive testing and evaluation (T&E) protocols for conducting third party safety concept certification (TPSC2) programs, designed to assess the behavioral competencies of HAV systems. 

Mr. CHUCK ALLARD:  Chuck has 40+ years of experience in systems engineering, operations, management, program and project management. Chuck has been the Chief of Instruction for the Washington DC Region, as well as the Porsche Club of America (PCA) Potomac Region. Chuck formalized and produced the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Driver School Instruction package, and this training is now provided throughout SCCA. He has reviewed and audited driver safety training schools to observe instructors, curriculum and instruction methods. Chuck has also authored rules for holding vehicle Endurance races, and has worked collaboratively with Summit Point Raceway, Moroso Motorsports Park, Virginia International Raceway and New Jersey Motorsports Park. 

Mr. BOB BARNARD: Mr. Barnard is a qualified Civil Engineer, safety expert, and renowned motor race facility designer. He has a unique understanding of vehicle safety, roadway safety, and the business of motor sport through his work on four continents. His expertise spans designing and building tracks, owning and operating race facilities, working for teams and promoting events. Mr. Barnard is a track inspector and expert witness in motorsport litigation. He has designed, built, and operated iconic tracks including the Adelaide F1 Circuit, Phillip Island MotoGP Circuit, Road Atlanta and Daytona Speedway.  Mr. Barnard has won awards for excellence in design and operations. He also developed the SCCA Track Reviewer Program and is an inspector and instructor for SCCA. Mr. Barnard has been a featured presenter to International Conferences regarding safety and design, and he established Motorsport Services International as a group to assist track owners with professional services from conception through operation. He recently completed client work in Las Vegas, NV, and he supported a development in Dallas, TX for the Toyota Motor Company.

Mr. ANDY CROUTER:  Andy has over 20 years of experience in probability, statistics, database development, programming, management, analytics and data extrapolation. He has senior-level expertise writing SAS programs to extract, process, and analyze data. His current and recent experience include working with large administrative and claims datasets to create analytic data files that support data driven decision making and system improvement. Andy is a founding member of Altarum’s Center for Vehicle Safety. He has received formal training in motorcycle safety from the National Safety Council (NSC) and Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). Andy has been participating in motorcycle track day events across the country for 15 years.

Ms. TATIANA DAVIS: Tatiana is a licensed professional engineer (PE) with more than 10 years of electrical and automation engineering experience in the automotive and oil and gas industries. She has specialized in the development of sensor technology and testing protocols, as well as vehicle performance analysis for a wide variety of high-performance sports cars, luxury vehicles, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) for General Motors (GM). Her experience with the troubleshooting and resolution implementation of radio frequency sensors and temperature and pressure monitoring technology helped lead to drastically improved system performance and safety. Tatiana has also successfully designed, programmed, and implemented cutting edge automation systems and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for Honeywell, ExxonMobil, and Shell. 

Mr. JAMES FOYLE:   Mr. Foyle has more than 30 years of engineering and global motorsports expertise.  He is currently the Chief Steward of the Trans Am Racing Series and is serving as Clerk of the Course for Formula 1, World Endurance Championship, and Formula E during their U.S. rounds.  As a registered Civil Engineer in the state of Texas, he has applied his formal training and experience to conduct inspections across the U.S. and overseas.  Through his prior role as the Director of Public Works for the City of Orange, TX, Mr. Foyle also understands how topography, weather and construction for roadways (local streets and highways) impact drainage and related roadway infrastructure safety issues.

Mr. EDWARD OZMENT:  Mr. Ozment has more than 40 years of experience in safety systems, race track design, operations and management.  He has worked with permanent and temporary facilities, across both professional and amateur racing organizations.  Mr. Ozment has experience as a track manager and thus knows the complexities of vehicle, track and facility safety from both internal and external areas of interest.  He has held a Stewards license with SCCA for 30 years, overseeing SCCA-related event operations. Mr. Ozment was responsible for creating and conducting the track review program that is currently being used by SCCA and other sanctioning bodies to approve tracks for racing purposes.  He has personally reviewed more than 30 U.S. race facilities that are still in use.  In addition to founding Ozment Race Services, he worked in the construction trades as a field superintendent and general manager.

Mr. MARTYN THAKE:  Mr. Thake has more than 30 years of comprehensive motorsports experience including construction management, car design, racetrack facility design and management, event promotion, operations and logistics management, track inspections (for sanctioning bodies and insurance), and performance driving instruction.  He has consulted for more than 100 motorsports facilities across the globe and has performed hundreds of track inspections, designs and redesigns for CART/Champcar, IMSA, ALMS, FIA, IRL and SCCA. As an FIA track inspector, he currently serves as the backup inspector for FIA-licensed tracks (Grade 2 or higher), and is an instructor for the SCCA’s Track Reviewer program.  Mr. Thake is the founder of Motorsports Consulting Services, LLC (MCS), a founding board member of the Motorsports Safety Foundation, and an active member of SAE and NFPA.  His driving instructor experience spans the famed Brands Hatch Racing School, Aston Martin’s Elite Performance Driving Academy, and the prestigious Brainerd International Raceway Performance Driving School.  Mr. Thake has also provided expert witness testimony in the areas of emergency services, safety, racetrack design, construction and management, car design, and manufacture and distribution.


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