Altarum Institute directs dissemination and outreach efforts for Community Health Advisor, an online resource developed by HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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Community Health Advisor is a health improvement tool to help public health leaders, decisionmakers, and others who are seeking to improve community health. It provides customizable information about the potential health and cost impact of implementing evidence-based interventions. Results are available at the national, state, and county levels for each county in the United States.

Community Health Advisor starts with policies and programs recommended in The Community Guide. It builds on those recommendations by providing customizable information that community leaders can use. How would smoking rates or obesity prevalence change if policies and programs were implemented? What would be the impact of changes in smoking and physical activity rates on illness and death from cancer, cardiovascular disease, or other conditions? And how would medical care costs change with changes in health?

Community Advisor

Community Health Advisor

  • Generates national-, state-, and county-level estimates of the health and cost impact of implementing community interventions;
  • Allows you to view estimates by demographic group based on sex, age, and race or ethnicity; and
  • Provides background and context to help users interpret and use results.

Users can view detailed, 30-year projections for various measures of health behavior, health impact, and medical care cost, including:

  • Smoking prevalence and the number of smokers who start smoking or quit;
  • Obesity and overweight prevalence and the percentage of the population that meets physical activity guidelines;
  • Disease prevalence and health events, including cancers, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and diabetes;
  • Years of life and quality-adjusted years of life; and
  • Medical care costs from smoking-attributable and obesity-related disease.

Altarum supports Community Health Advisor by creating and implementing the communications and social media strategies for the advisor, developing communications and outreach materials for the site, and advancing relationships with strategic partners. Altarum also manages all user outreach, including collecting and analyzing feedback used to make refinements and enhancements to the Advisor. Altarum's work on behalf of the Advisor also includes training, technical assistance, and evaluation.


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