HeinzAltarum Institute is now collaborating with Carnegie Mellon’s Heinz College to conduct an innovative Highly Automated Vehicle (HAV) safety and implementation research project. 

HAV driving technologies are broadly planned to include car systems that sometimes assist the human driver, or HAVs can be fully self-driving cars that perform all tasks previously performed by humans. Students and faculty from Carnegie Mellon will work with Altarum’s Center for Vehicle Safety researchers to specifically document the benefits and challenges of HAV integration into the U.S. federal fleet, which contains more than 600,000 vehicles. 

Heinz College graduate students pursuing their Master's in Public Policy will begin research in January 2017, with preliminary HAV report findings and associated technology tools developed by June 2017. 

Advisory Board Members from both the public and private sectors are supporting this valuable Carnegie Mellon and Altarum Institute research project. 

If you would like additional information, or have questions regarding this HAV research, please contact Marshall Contino, Director of Altarum’s Center for Vehicle Safety (marshall.contino@altarum.org).


Project Leader

Marshall Contino

Marshall Contino

Director of the Center for Vehicle Safety



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