Altarum Institute provides studies and biostatistical analysis support services to the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Business Support Directorate (BSD). BSD promotes: cost-effective use of program and budgeted funds, increased reimbursements, and improved financial transparency and utilization.

Our services under this purview include conducting studies and financial management analyses for the development of performance measures, models, policy and procedures to improve overall effectiveness and financial decisionmaking that impacts the MHS and other U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) agencies and departments.

Key Successes:

Over the past 8 years, Altarum has developed an extensive portfolio of health care studies, resource forecasting, actuarial, budget, and economic analysis, and financial studies support. Studies vary in duration and complexity and reflect the current needs of DHA. We work with DHA BSD to elicit requirements, define stakeholders, develop a study methodology, conduct, analyze, and disseminate results. For example, we are responsible for overseeing the MHS Internal Coding Audit as an extension of Defense (Health Affairs) responsibilities outlined in DoD Directive 6040.41 and DoD Instruction 6040.42.

We request and audit a random sampling of inpatient, outpatient, and ambulatory procedure visit records. Audit data is analyzed and reported to the Deputy Surgeons General, the Services, and the National Capital Region Medical Directorate.

Other studies, at the request of DHA BSD, include Enhanced Multi-Service Market Business Performance Planning Guidance Assessment, Navy Direct Care Provider Study, Total Relative Value Unit Impact Assessment Study, Standard Financial Information Structure Concept of Operations Development, Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center Reconciliation Assessment, Data Quality Management Control Program Support, U.S. Family Health Plan Capitation Rate Structure Development, Annual Medicare Eligible Retiree Health Care Fund Pharmacy Ingredient Cost Calculation, National Drug Comparative Study, Development of U.S. Coast Guard Prospective Payment Methodology, MHS Retail Pharmacy Usage Trend Study, and Other Health Insurance Study. Studies conducted under the MHS Studies and Biostatistical Support contract frequently serve as the impetus for further DHA action and provisions.


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