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Community-based Care Transitions Program (CCTP) Planning in San Diego, CA

Altarum serves as a consult with the HHSA Community-based Care Transitions Program (CCTP) grant on the advisory board.

Quality, Preferences, and Hospice: A Voice for Frail Elders

Altarum Institute’s Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care has been awarded a 1-year $328,000 grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to study consumer preferences related to quality measures for hospice care during challenging end-of-life transitions.

Altarum's Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care Goes Social

Researchers in Altarum’s Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care are exploring this rich source of consumer information to capture the collective wisdom from “crowd-sourcing.”

MCH Training & Research Resource Center

Altarum Institute provides technical support to the HRSA Maternal and Child Health Bureau's Division of MCH Workforce Development and the MCHB Extramural Research Program through the Maternal and Child Health Training and Research Resource Center.

Office of Adolescent Health Strategic Planning

Over the course of 3 years, 2010-2012, Altarum assisted the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of Adolescent Health in the development of three key planning frameworks: Office strategic plan; annual action plan for the HHS Adolescent Health Working Group; and a conceptual framework for developing the national adolescent health agenda.

CDC's d-up! HIV Intervention: Video Development, Production, Distribution

Altarum Institute led the development, production, and distribution of a 30-minute instructional video and 5-minute promotional video on the d-up: Defend Yourself! HIV prevention intervention, which targets African American men who have sex with men.

Access to Recovery Communication Campaign

Teaming with Altarum experts, Palladian Partners developed a variety of communication materials and publications for the presidential initiative Access to Recovery.

Center for Food and Nutrition: News

Altarum's Center for Food and Nutrition publishes a quarterly online newsletter highlighting its strategic initiatives, project work and partnerships to strengthen food assistance and nutrition programs at the national, state and local levels.

The WIC Participant-Centered Services Model

Altarum's Center for Food and Nutrition has conducted WIC Participant-Centered Services assessments in over 30 states in multiple USDA Regions.

The Effects of WIC Food Package Changes on Redemptions

Altarum's Center for Food Assistance and Nutrition has led multiple studies related to the revised WIC food packages.

Altarum Using Cell Phone Messaging to Address Veteran Behavioral Health Issues

Altarum Using Cell Phone Messaging to Address Veteran Behavioral Health Issues Project.

Refinement and Application of Bureau of Health Professions (BHPr) Forecasting Models

Altarum developed a system of models to project and compare supply and demand by specialty for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, and certified registered nurse anesthetists in the United States from 2010 to 2030 for the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis at the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Bureau of Health Professions (BHPr).

Health Technology Assessment of a Companion Diagnostic for Targeting Crizotinib Therapy in Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Altarum staff developed a generalized health economic and outcomes research (HEOR) model to assess companion diagnostics, which are often used to target high-cost therapy.

Guiding Development of a Research Agenda for Public Health Systems and Services Research

Altarum is supporting the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in developing a research agenda in the emerging field of public health systems and services research (PHSSR).

Policy Research and Evaluation of Michigan-Based Programs to Increase Physical Activity and Promote Healthy Eating

Altarum provided policy research and evaluation support to several projects funded by the Michigan Department of Community Health that focus ed on promoting physical activity and healthy eating.

CHOMP Project Reports and Resources

Project reports and resources from the CHOMP Mission Project are available here.

Obesity Prevention Mission Project Information

Information about the Childhood Obesity Prevention Mission Project (CHOMP)

Childhood Obesity Prevention Mission Project

Childhood Obesity Mission Project (CHOMP)

Working Together to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Altarum serves as lead third party verifier and evaluator for the Partnership for a Healthier America.


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