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Welcome to Altarum Institute’s Behavioral Health Technical Assistance Center (BHTAC), your source for the latest behavioral health technical assistance, news, and resources. The journey from vision to practice can be daunting.

How can the BHTAC Team help you?

Our Work

The BHTAC Team’s Empowerment Technical Assistance provides the tools, knowledge, and skills to ensure your success. Altarum brings together systems, services, and communities to address mental health and addiction in a cost-effective way. Our staff members know too well how stigma and shame hamper the behavioral health field, as well as the individuals, families, and communities who are seeking recovery from mental health and addiction challenges.

How Can the BHTAC Team Help You?

Through Altarum’s approach, clients have

  • Implemented effective and affordable care coordination services for people with addictions;
  • Expanded provider networks while increasing capacity for faith-, community-, recovery-, and culturally based organizations;
  • Created tools and processes to efficiently manage financial systems while preventing waste, fraud, and abuse; and
  • Leveraged partnership opportunities across federal, state, local, and tribal entities to expand services and capacity within health and behavioral health systems of care.


Our Resources

Visit our Behavioral Health Resources page for behavioral health-related newsletters, blog posts, and other publications and products, including our new online recovery advocacy movement timeline.

Click here to open the timeline.

While there, check out the Videos section, which includes last year's Altarum Policy Roundtable “Addiction and Recovery in the United States: Reinforcing Community-Based Solutions” (May 14, 2015).

This roundtable highlights distinct, interrelated sectors of the organized recovery community with varied perspectives. The discussion focuses on the problem of addiction, how the organized recovery community has addressed addiction and recovery, and how more resources will develop the capacity and infrastructure needed for an effective community response. For more information about this roundtable event, visit this News & Events page.

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Diana Williams, MSW, LCSW
Director, BHTAC

Melanie Ogleton, MHSA
Deputy Director, BHTAC


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