Center for Prevention

People RunningVision 
To create a "prevention culture" in the United States, where preventing disease and promoting health, based on scientific evidence, is a leading national priority.

The Center for Prevention’s (CFP) work includes both high-priority health topics and cross-cutting initiatives. We seek to achieve our vision by:

  • Analyzing policies and practices to identify high-impact actions;
  • Convening government, health care, and business stakeholders to assess critical issues;
  • Educating decisionmakers in every sector about innovative prevention policies and practices;
  • Providing translational tools to aid implementation; and
  • Advocating for the adoption of these approaches.

Priority Health Topics

Sexual Health – CFP manages the National Coalition for Sexual Health (NCSH), a group of more than 60 organizations and individuals working together to improve sexual health and well-being across the life span. The NCSH encourages productive and sustained conversations about sexual health and promotes high-quality sexual health information and health services.
Tobacco Control – Every day, CFP provides technical assistance to more than 2,000 tobacco control leaders and advocates who comprise the ActionToQuit Network. CFP recently developed a series of resources to assist hospitals, community health centers, and military treatment facilities in implementing evidence-based tobacco cessation services.
Aspirin – CFP’s Council on Aspirin for Health and Prevention promotes the appropriate use of low-dose aspirin to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and some cancers. CFP recently launched a new website to provide consumers and health care providers with information about aspirin and disease prevention.

Cross-cutting Initiatives
Community Health Advisor is an online tool with customizable information about the health and cost impact of implementing community interventions to reduce smoking and increase physical activity. CFP leads communications and dissemination efforts for this resource.
Leading by Example - The CFP educates businesses on the benefits of worksite health promotion through its Leading by Example initiative. Publications like Creating a Corporate Health Strategy encourage employers to adopt effective policies and practices for improving employee health.