Our team provides a wide array of meeting support, including all necessary materials. Each meeting is different, but most all require at the minimum, meeting announcements, invitations, logistical fact sheets, and registration-confirmation forms.

Our meeting website software allows quick generation of email communications to registrants to alert them to any change. We work with clients to develop agendas, rosters, speaker and attendee bios, and background materials.

Our team is also adept at providing on-site writing support so, for example, breakout work groups can have quick-turnaround summaries of their deliberations to use as the basis for further discussion or to present to the meeting at large.

We develop a wide array of promotional materials, for example drafting hundreds of news alerts and press releases each year to let people know of research results and meetings. We maintain newsletter subscriber lists to alert subscribers by email when new numbers are available online and write brief articles for a variety of government online newsletters to promote upcoming meetings of potential interest.

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