Altarum Institute brings the extraordinary power of its web-based communication technology to the most basic business functions—meetings and conferences. They enable presenters and attendees alike to participate and collaborate in any number of ways via a link from their own desktops or mobile devices.

Whether you need a completely virtual meeting, or if you would like to maximize your efforts at a particular conference by reaching a broader audience via the Web, we can help. Our powerful and flexible technology combined with our team of virtual meeting experts allows us to recreate just about any in-person scenario in a virtual environment. If you can do it in a meeting, we can accomplish it for you in a web meeting or webcast.

Our team conducts dozens of web meetings and webcasts every month, and can guide clients through every step of the process, from conception to execution. Although nothing can completely replace the benefits of an in-person meeting, a well-run web meeting or webcast is an efficient and cost-effective manner to accomplish your communication goals.