Health Care Research Analyst

Corey RhyanCorwin (Corey) Rhyan is a Health Care Research Analyst for Altarum’s Center for Sustainable Health Spending, where he studies trends in health spending, prices, and employment and works on projects dedicated to reducing national health spending growth to a long-term sustainable pace.

Since joining the Center for Sustainable Health Spending in 2015, Corwin has worked on projects related to modeling health sector Pay-For-Success initiatives, childhood lead prevention and remediation policies, early childhood interventions, and assisted the CSHS team in monitoring national health sector trends through the development of multiple data collection tools.

His research interests include the intersection of healthcare, technological innovation, and basic scientific research and improvements in health sector data collection and analysis.

Prior to joining Altarum, Corwin worked for Technology Policy Institute, a non-partisan think tank in Washington, DC where he studied Internet and Telecommunications policy.

Corwin holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of Michigan and Bachelor of Arts in Economics, magna cum laude, from Washington University in St. Louis.



MPP, Public Policy, University of Michigan
BA, Economics, Washington University - St. Louis