David Zauche PortraitDavid Zauche served as Senior Program Manager at Altarum Institute, having joined the staff in 2015. He managed ActionToQuit, a tobacco control policy program dedicated to reducing tobacco-related death, disease, and cost through communication, education, and advocacy. The ActionToQuit Network is a nationwide alliance of more than 2,000 leaders and advocates who receive daily communications announcing breaking tobacco control news, federal and state issues, and the latest research. The project website is www.actiontoquit.org.

Mr. Zauche also managed the activities of the Council on Aspirin for Health and Prevention, a group of public health and medical specialists whose goal is to increase the proper use of aspirin to improve health. The Council serves as a forum for scientific review and guidance development, focusing on an evidence-based approach to improving patterns of aspirin use: increasing use in those who would benefit while cautioning against aspirin use in those unlikely to benefit. The project website is www.aspirinproject.org.

Before coming to Altarum, Mr. Zauche worked for 6 years at Partnership for Prevention as Senior Program Officer. Before that, he was on staff at the American Cancer Society for 29 years, most recently as Vice President for State Government Relations. His past projects include founding and leading the Maryland Healthy Schools Coalition, an advocacy group of leaders from education and health disciplines; serving as Project Manager and Lead Trainer for Communities of Excellence in Tobacco Control, an effort to strengthen local tobacco control coalitions; and establishing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded Coalition for Skin Cancer Prevention in Maryland and serving as its first chair.



BA, English, Western Maryland College