Director, Population Health Strategies Group

Eric Gelman PortraitEric Gelman currently serves as Director of Altarum Institute’s Population Health Strategies Group and previously served as both the Deputy Director of Community Health Systems and the Director of Behavioral Health. Mr. Gelman is responsible for all operational aspects of more than a dozen projects that support federal, state, and local agencies. He is responsible for conducting monthly operational reviews of each project to ensure that all services, deliverables, and timelines meet or exceed client needs.

These reviews include analyzing project budgets and expenditures, resolving current and potential challenges, and ensuring that Altarum is meeting all contract requirements. Mr. Gelman is also responsible for ensuring that all projects have access to the necessary resources, including the right technical staff, IT support, accounting services, and human resources, to produce high-quality, cost-effective results.

Mr. Gelman has extensive experience providing technical assistance (TA), training, and program evaluation services to federal, state, and local health and human service agencies. He has directed numerous TA contracts, including the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment’s (CSAT) Access to Recovery TA Project, the Health Care Reform TA Project, the Opioid Accreditation TA Project, a project for the National Leadership Institute, and two of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) larger evaluation projects. In addition to managing these projects, he provided leadership and consultation for hundreds of TA, training, and program-related assistance to more than 50 state agencies and hundreds of community-based providers, consumers, and family members.

Mr. Gelman has extensive experience conducting small studies related to substance use disorders that require synthesizing data from multiple sources. He was a Data Analyst on CSAT’s Evaluation of the Opioid Accreditation Initiative, led CSAT’s original study of the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant’s HIV Set-Aside Requirements, and recently directed a joint SAMHSA/Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation Project analyzing how returning Veterans may access services for mental health and substance use disorders funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

In addition, Mr. Gelman served as the Deputy Project Director for CSAT’s Technical Review Project, which required the collection and analysis of data from interviews, document reviews, and state information and financial systems. He also has evaluated numerous local treatment providers and state substance abuse service systems and identified and recommended strategies for improving service delivery and management, including IT capacity.

Mr. Gelman has extensive knowledge of publicly funded behavioral health treatment systems, block grant requirements, the organizational challenges faced by state and local health and human service agencies, the impact of managed care on both state policy and local service providers, and the issues and challenges local treatment providers face in improving the quality and management of services.

Mr. Gelman holds a master’s degree in business administration from The Johns Hopkins University and a master’s in international affairs from The George Washington University. His areas of expertise include population health, behavioral health, community health, and TA.



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MBA, Johns Hopkins University
MA, International Affairs, The George Washington University
BA, Pennsylvania State University