Help Inform Michigan’s Coronavirus/COVID-19 Response

What are the types of social distancing measures Michigan residents are taking to protect themselves and their families from the coronavirus? What are their greatest concerns about the pandemic? These are some of the questions we ask in our new poll of public attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors about Covid-19. 

The findings will help us understand how Michigan residents are responding to the pandemic and social distancing measures, such as the share of people who are working from home, having groceries or other essentials delivered to their home, or avoiding spending time with others outside of their household. It also will gauge their greatest concerns about Covid-19, including fears of job losses, the inability to meet financial needs, and the inability to access medical care when needed.

The results of the poll will help inform local public health activities, priorities, and targeted messaging. Please help your community by taking the poll and sharing it with your friends and family in Michigan.

Once you finish the anonymous poll, you will see detailed statewide results and results for your own county.

Take the Poll