What is Health Systems Research?

As systems researchers, Altarum begins with the understanding that there is no single health care “system.” Health and health care depend on a complex fabric of systems that are constantly interacting and shaping human health. Our Systems Change Model helps us see the broader environment in which these systems operate and in which problems arise. This methodology identifies critical system interactions and focuses on the root causes that can lead a system to fail. Through our systems research and the Systems Change Model, we help you visualize the whole picture – ensuring a more comprehensive and sustainable solution to your problem. Read about our health systems research methodology, the Altarum Systems Change Model.

The Altarum Systems Approach

Systems research is the work Altarum performs to help clients understand and solve the underlying issues that cause the health care delivery and financing systems they oversee to become inefficient, ineffective, or unsustainable. The Altarum Systems Change Model informs every aspect of the Institute’s efforts to respond to the needs of our clients and funders and to make “better health” a reality. This model considers the larger environment in which systems operate and problems arise. It identifies critical interactions within and across systems and focuses on the root causes that can lead systems to fail. The ability to visualize this “complete picture” enables comprehensive solutions to complex health care problems, facilitating sustained performance improvement and organizational learning.

Our Service Offerings

Altarum is widely recognized for providing its clients with research and solutions that are technically robust, pragmatic, and carefully aligned with the cultural norms of the populations being served. Altarum’s technical service offerings are grouped into the following seven categories, which are applied across a wide range of domains in which the Institute has developed deep expertise: