Whether it is your first day at Altarum, or your 15,000th day (yes, Altarum has some experts with some serious tenure!), Altarum is committed to promoting staff achievement by providing the necessary tools and opportunities for ongoing success. Some examples:

  • On your first day you are assigned a Sponsor, an assigned “buddy” that is a source of camaraderie and an additional source of operationally necessary information.  A sponsor will help you get acclimated to Altarum more quickly and become comfortable and productive sooner. Your sponsor will help you with administrative topics such as filling out your hours, or the day-to-day things such as where to get coffee and which copier to use.
  • More than 65% of Altarum staff members have an advanced degree, and Altarum’s generous tuition reimbursement program helps foster an environment where learning is constant and ongoing, which is central to our success and continued growth.
  • You will be invited to participate in the Brown Bag, Project & Pizza Swap, First Friday and in-house educational programs that many of our technical groups sponsor.  You’ll have the opportunity to exchange ideas with subject matter experts in a variety of fields.  Or maybe you are the subject matter expert.

Career progression at Altarum is an integral part of our commitment to providing diverse and fulfilling growth opportunities. Advancement at Altarum can be achieved by demonstrating leadership and planning/independence in management, marketing, or technical expertise within an employee’s field of work. 

Altarum is committed to promoting leadership and providing the tools and opportunities to grow as leaders.