Altarum supports a major transformation initiative within VHA to consolidate traditional revenue cycle management business functions in to regional centers of excellence.

In addition to developing the business case and national implementation strategy (including the design of the Consolidated Patient Account Center program office), the Altarum project team currently provides a broad array of program management services, including: Integrated Project Plan and Scheduling, Performance Reporting, Cost Management/Earned Value Management, Risk Management, Business Process Standardization, Stakeholder Communications, Governance Support, Internal Controls, Vendor Management, Organization Change Management, and Training.

Altarum is demonstrating that Lean principles in health care, when applied rigorously and throughout an entire organization, have a positive impact on productivity, cost, quality, and timely delivery of services. The Altarum Lean team helps clients ensure rapid success on projects with wide buy-in by the people who do the work daily, from identification through sustainment.

We teach clients to use our materials and forms internally to ensure success after we leave, and help them become self-sufficient as quickly as possible. We have a well-defined and effective process, resulting in Altarum certification. Our team includes recognized experts and leaders from industry, with in-depth experience in the health care applications of Lean, including Lean layout.

Altarum Lean coaches have demonstrated success through the measurable improvements we have brought to our clients and the multiple Shingo Prize awards for Lean efforts awarded to a number of our U.S. government clients.

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