Consumer health engagement is a top priority for our nation.  Simply stated, engaged consumers have better health outcomes and often lower costs. 

Altarum is advancing consumerism in health by engaging consumers with information that help them collaborate with their health care providers and make informed decisions based on their personal values and preferences.

Altarum Consumer Health Engagement


Consumer Health Activation Assessment.   There is a big chasm between the desire to be a culture of engaged, informed patients interacting with proactive, collaborative physicians and the current reality.

Altarum employs a set of assessment tools that allow us to assess both provider readiness to engage consumers and the degree to which populations of consumers are ready to engage. 

Altarum’s Consumer Engagement Survey measures dimensions of health consumer engagement in a population such as information-seeking and value-seeking behavior. 

These Consumer Engagement scores provide valuable insight for understanding how to engage different segments of the population and provide a baseline to measure levels of engagement over time.

e-Health Tools

  • Personal Health Information access and interoperability
  • Patient and Family Immunization Portal
  • Care Plans
  • Price and Quality Transparency

We apply our expertise in health information technology and user-centered design to getting up-to-date, relevant information into the hands of consumers to support decisions.  Our staff understands interoperability and develops tools to provide people access to their own health information and ensure providers have the most current view. 

We have deep expertise in provider transparency tools based on price and quality and are currently working with the Agency for Healthcare Reasearch and Quality on a Hospice comparison tool specifically focused on weighing consumer preferences. 

We are committed to improving health outcomes by providing foundational tools such as care plans and by ensuring that patients and families are actively engaged with providers in the development of these plans to promote coordinated care.

Consumer and Patient Education.  Altarum has extensive expertise in developing consumer and patient education materials, web sites, and campaigns. Our experience includes developing a strategic communication campaign for the Million Hearts Campaign for Health and Human Services to prevent heart disease. 

We also developed content for the website to explain new insurance options and benefits available under the Affordable Care Act to the general public. 

As part of a grant provided by the Center for Medicare Medicaid Innovation, we are developing patient education materials around appropriate use of high-tech imaging.  Each easy-to-read brochure covers when an imaging test may be appropriate for a given problem, the benefits and risks of imaging including safety and cost, self-care steps that patients can take to address symptoms and reduce risk, and vetted websites for more information. 

We are known for our ability to develop consumer education in plain language that is culturally competent and meets the needs of those with low literacy levels.

Provider-Patient Engagement

  • Shared-decision making
  • Practice Redesign for Patient Engagement
  • Process improvement for enhanced patient experience

New healthcare delivery and reimbursement models introduced as part of health reform, such as Patient-Centered Medical Home and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), both include patient health engagement as a critical component. 

Similarly, Stage 2 Meaningful Use objectives raise the bar for patient engagement by requiring providers to support secure messaging and enable a percentage of their patients to view and share their health information.

Altarum’s experts in practice redesign help providers develop specific processes and tools to engage their patients.  We also are one of the nation’s largest Patient Experience Surveyors with expertise in both administering surveys (e.g., CAHPS) and providing consultation on how to improve patient experience.