Food assistance programs operated by public and nonprofit organizations are dedicated to developing and implementing programs targeted to low-income Americans that reduce hunger and obesity, increase food security, and promote healthful diets and lifestyle behaviors. These programs improve access to food and provide nutrition information to increase awareness and knowledge of healthy dietary and way-of-life choices that ultimately support good health.

Altarum’s Center for Food and Nutrition (CFAN) works to strengthen these programs through evaluation, program assessment and design, technical assistance, and training. CFAN has a long, successful history of contracting with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) on multiple national and state studies and projects.

Our work has supported all types of nutrition program providers, including local and state government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The practices we incorporate enable nutrition programs to identify effective program strategies and best practices that can be implemented to improve program outcomes with cost efficiency. We have executed projects that analyze utilization of food benefits; assess the efficacy of nutrition education and service delivery approaches; examine program operations and integrity; and provide strategies to promote positive nutrition and health-related behaviors.

Possessing decades of program management expertise, our team members offer a breadth of unparalleled experience, including former state agency and local program directors, vendor management specialists, and nutrition services managers. We have registered dieticians, trainers, data and information systems analysts, survey designers, breastfeeding experts, and learner-centered educators available to identify and develop evidence-based practices and interventions to improve program operations and outcomes.

  • Participant Centered Services. We understand WIC operational intricacies, policy issues, and implementation strategies for nutrition promotion, which allows us to identify specific challenges, issues, and priorities that impact WIC service delivery and tailor solutions to improve programming. We have conducted assessments and training in over 30 WIC state agencies, including several Indian Tribal Organizations and U.S. Trust Territories.
  • Staff Development and Training Workshops. Our workshops empower food assistance and nutrition staff to transition to a participant-centered style, becoming more effective in helping low-income families adopt healthy behaviors.
  • Evaluation and Analysis of Program Operations. A deep understanding of rigorous qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodologies allows us to tailor methodologies and a data collection instruments to the needs of individual programs.
  • Technical Assistance: CFAN works collaboratively with food assistance and nutrition programs to apply tailored technical and subject matter expertise to stakeholder concerns and needs. We have provided various forms of technical assistance, capacity building, and knowledge transfer, from one-on-one intensive consultations to regional workgroups and training, to SNAP and WIC programs throughout the country.

We are committed to ending hunger and providing food security to all Americans. Contact us today to see how CFAN can assist you in refining your nutrition education strategies and interventions so that you are uniquely positioned to promote the long-term health of children and families.