Altarum uses geographic information systems (GIS) to solve vexing health care problems and more clearly communicate important health care information. We excel at helping our clients frame their problems and understand spatial influences on their health care operations. Altarum is applying GIS technologies to Health Care Analytics in

  • Health program evaluation,
  • Operational health metrics,
  • Health market demand analysis and site planning, and
  • Web portals and dashboards.

Our geospatial analysis expertise extends beyond display capabilities, including the development and automation of drive-time estimation and drive-time-based regions. Altarum enhances the values of existing business information data and systems by integrating them with GIS technologies and information. We have also developed Web-based applications integrating ESRI ArcGIS server and desktop technologies with business intelligence software.

For examples of Altarum’s application of GIS in health care analytics, please see our GIS fact sheet.