Clinical Decision Support is technology that links health information, clinical knowledge, and patient preferences to influence health choices, ultimately to improve health care delivery and outcomes. Altarum is actively engaged with national health care information technology imperatives for improving the practice of medicine through the adoption and use of clinical decision support (CDS) tools. From designing and developing such tools to assessing their use in medical practices across the country, we understand the value of delivering the right evidentiary support at the right point in the care process.

ImageSmart GraphicIntegrating CDS into the workflows of physician practices can be an effective way to improve quality of care while ensuring that it is medically necessary and appropriate. With our health care provider partners, Altarum designs, implements and evaluates clinical decision support systems that enhance the provider and patient experience and improve the value and outcomes of patient care.

Understanding the barriers to CDS use in a busy physician practice is a core competency for the Altarum team. Through an active partnership with practicing providers, we’ve isolated key delivery points in the office practice to leverage the use of CDS, and streamline existing process flows to facilitate change. Our partner implementation configurations include an interfaced electronic health record (EHR)/computerized physician order entry (CPOE) solution, portal-based solutions, and mobile applications.

Altarum continues to provide ongoing thought leadership in the marketplace by directly supporting the development of clinical guidelines by facilitating expert panels, evaluating existing guidelines, and synthesizing literature findings, to supporting the codification of guidelines and their delivery at the point-of-care. For the CDS tools we develop, we aggregate content from multiple content providers (academic Institutions, professional organizations, etc.) and work to codify narrative guidelines into CDS logic algorithms. We advocate that CDS content be maintained at the source and delivered via Web services to our various tools. Once guideline content is structured and maintained in a meaningful way, we build elegantly simple, user-centered tools to deliver that content across multiple platforms.

Since the early 1990s, Altarum has developed and promoted best practices in the application of information technology to health and health care, applying systems research principles and analytic objectivity. Our partners have experienced the valuable impact of using Altarum CDS tools through providers more appropriately following professional society guidelines in patient care plans, reduced costs, and increased patient safety. Altarum remains committed to our mission of solving complex systems problems to improve human health, integrating research, technology, analysis through the constant evolution of our clinical decision support solutions and their direct impact of increasing the quality of patient care.