Perspective: Altarum’s Corey Rhyan Offers Insights on Health Care Inflation on Kaiser Family Foundation Webinar and MarketWatch

August 25, 2022

Altarum Senior Analyst Corwin Rhyan was a featured expert on the Kaiser Family Foundation’s virtual conversation series, The Health Wonk Shop.  The series dives into timely health policy issues for a deeper discussion beyond the news headlines. Watch the August 24, 2022, discussion on health care inflation in the US.

Rhyan also spoke with Eleanor Laise of MarketWatch on trends in health care inflation and what might be expected in 2023 and beyond. Laise writes, “While overall healthcare inflation remains well below the rate of economy-wide price growth, a look under the hood shows prices rising sharply for some major categories of health services and payer types, with further increases expected in the coming year.” Rhyan adds, “Overall healthcare inflation is likely to break out above the tight 2% to 3% range seen over the past couple of years.” Read more: “Healthcare inflation is the latest price hike hitting consumers grappling with rising costs

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For more insights on this topic, Rhyan contributes to Altarum's monthly Health Sector Economic Indicators briefs which analyze the most recent data available on health sector spending, prices, employment, and utilization.  The latest briefs are available here:

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Altarum’s Corey Rhyan Offers Insights on Health Care Inflation on Kaiser Family Foundation Webinar and MarketWatch