Altarum Webinar Offers Solutions to Improve Equity in the System of Home and Community-Based Services 

Below are highlights from our webinar on long-term care quality, access, and choice as civil rights.

May 12, 2021

Twenty-year-old art student Tyree Brown was thrust into a new reality after a car accident left her quadriplegic and confined to a nursing home. Separated from friends and family and unable to attend church or college, she began to fear that she would never leave. But when an advocate from Money Follows the Person came to her aid, she was able to begin the challenging, complex—and often contradictory—journey to return home.

A photo of panelists from Altarum's May 5, 2021 home and community-based services event.Pictured clockwise from upper left: Ms. Slocum, Dr. Accius, Ms. Barkoff, and Ms. Brown

Watch the recording of advocate and artist Tyree Brown, AARP Senior Vice President Jean Accius, and the Administration for Community Living's Alison Barkoff as they discuss the value of strengthening and expanding home and community-based services—and how increased funding, an integrated and whole-government approach, and lessons from other nations can help to reduce inequities. Altarum Deputy Director of Eldercare Improvement Sarah Slocum moderates the conversation.

“We're at an inflection point ... we can preserve the status quo with a patchwork of solutions,” said Jean Accius of AARP. “Or we can reimagine our current systems and rebuild in ways that really expand opportunities ... for all.”

This is the second in a series of conversations on solutions to strengthen our long-term care system and ensure all people have the ability to live and meaningfully participate in their communities. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive an announcement of our final webinar in the coming weeks.

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