Altarum's Response to CMS's Request for a "New Direction"

December 01, 2017

Altarum responded to the CMS Innovation Center’s informal Request for Information on a new direction to promote patient-centered care and test market-driven reforms that empower beneficiaries as consumers, provide price transparency, increase choices and competition to drive quality, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

Drawing from deep expertise in the areas of payment and delivery system reform, practice transformation, and population health, Altarum’s response outlines policy recommendations to achieve increased participation in advanced alternative payment models, consumer-directed care and market-based innovation models, physician specialty models, state-based and local innovation, including Medicaid-focused models, and mental and behavioral health models. 

View document: Altarum's Response to CMS's Request for a "New Direction"

Altarum is a nonprofit organization that creates and implements solutions to advance health among at-risk and disenfranchised populations.