The Fall 2011 Altarum Survey of Consumer Health Care Opinions report covers several areas. To begin, it describes consumer cost sharing and general perceptions about satisfaction with care. Next, it describes consumers’ preferred roles in decisions about health care and the characteristics associated with wanting an active role.

The report also summarizes how consumers choose medical providers, what types of information they use to make decisions, and consumers’ confidence in finding and applying information to find better or less expensive care. Consumers also provided general perceptions about the safety and quality of care in the United States and about the types of medical errors they have experienced.

Finally, this report describes the frequency with which consumers have switched to a different doctor in the past and what might cause them to switch in the future, including cost, convenience, service, malpractice, and other circumstances. Download the complete report.

Fall 2011 Altarum Survey of Consumer Health Care Opinions:

  • Consumers are more likely to switch providers to get better care than to find lower price. View the results.
  • Nearly half of health care consumers would change doctors if their doctor had been involved in a malpractice suit. View the results.
  • Three out of 10 patients reported experiencing a medical error when receiving some form of health care treatment. View the results.
  • While younger consumers use online information more frequently in their search for a physician, the majority of consumers in all age groups use word of mouth when selecting a physician.  View the results.
  • Few consumers ask about the cost of treatment before getting health care, but those who pay from their own pockets ask more often. View the results.
  • Consumers are more choosy about cars and appliances than health care. View the results.