Gen X & Millennials Speak Out: HIV Across the Generations
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“’You’re positive.’ Those were the first words I heard when I found out I had HIV. It was 1990. I was 22 years old.” – Antigone Dempsey

According to the CDC, an estimated 9,961 youth were diagnosed with HIV infection in the United States in 2013, representing 21% of an estimated 47,352 people diagnosed during that year. Eighty-one percent (8,053) of these diagnoses occurred in those aged 20 to 24, the highest number of HIV diagnoses of any age group”. What can we learn by opening a dialogue between Generation X and Millennials? Are the feelings of hope, disillusion, fear, and self-doubt the same for both groups?

Altarum is joining with Advocates for Youth to host an ongoing dialogue across the generations. This is a way for early advocates to share how they survive and thrive with HIV, and for HIV-positive Millennials and their allies to voice their experiences with today’s technologies and challenges. Listen in and read more here or here.


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