Frail elder provided care by her adult daughter

MediCaring(R) is the exciting idea that Americans can learn to build reliable, effective, and efficient arrangements for services to support one another when we face the serious chronic conditions associated with very old age or the last years of life — and that such a care system will be quite different from the one we have now. 

We summarized an overview of the core reforms in MediCaring in the November 13, 2013 edition of JAMA, which is available for download.

The Program to Improve Eldercare is working on policy, economics, professional development, public education, community demonstrations and a dozen other fronts to learn what works and to forge the commitment to change.  Working with partners around the country, we are learning more about what works, and how change might occur. For more details, please refer to our factsheet.

MediCaring aims to build a health care system that can find patients living with serious and complex illness, mostly in the last years of life; tailor services to their priorities; and plan and pay providers in a way that encourages quality care at a price that communities and families can bear.

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Medicaring Fact Sheet

Medicaring Communities Infographic

PACE Expansion: Building Effective Community Care for Frail Elders