NCRR Media NetworksFor the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), a fomer part of the National Institutes of Health, media networks were key to promoting the resources, tools, and training that NCRR provided to medical research institutions nationwide to facilitate clinical and translational research.

For nearly 4 years, Altarum’s subsidiary Palladian Partners led or supported NCRR efforts to identify and target media outlets, advocacy groups, and other potential avenues for disseminating materials that highlighted NCRR activities. The Palladian staff also helped NCRR respond to media requests for accurate and timely information.

Daily, the Palladian staff tracked and monitored all media related to NCRR research, identifying scientific advances that involved NCRR resources. This information fed into the promotional materials that Palladian created for NCRR.


Project Leader

Emily Krebbs

Emily Krebbs

Project Director