Altarum assists Navy Medicine in quantitatively describing the quality of care being provided to Navy beneficiaries in both Naval and private sector hospitals. By identifying where quality varies, the Navy can make data-driven decisions to improve the quality of care being delivered to Navy beneficiaries.

The scope of work includes all MTFs and private sector hospitals that provide inpatient obstetric care to Navy beneficiaries. This work includes the calculation and reporting of quality metrics for obstetrics.

  • All Navy MTFs and private sector hospitals where Navy beneficiaries receive obstetric care are included in this scope of work.
  • Calculation of quality metrics through the use of data elements extracted from the electronic health record through the use of data queries and processing.
  • Reporting of quality metrics to relevant clinical and leadership stakeholders on a monthly basis.  This reporting will involve updated quality metrics, historical view of how the metrics have changed over time, and how the metrics compare to a goal and/or best practices as defined by literature and the private sector.
  • Developing models to forecast increased likelihood of selected types of adverse outcomes.

Data systems within the scope of this work include: M2, CHCS, MDR, AHLTA

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