Dental disease is the most prevalent chronic disease of childhood. Baby teeth are important, and decay can have broad impacts on a child’s speech development, nutritional intake, self-esteem, social development, and school readiness. Failure to identify and prevent dental disease in our youngest children has detrimental and costly long-term effects.

Altarum is leading a collaborative effort in Michigan to address this disease burden by increasing the number of children receiving preventive care and advancing appropriate care practices in both the medical and dental communities.

Our innovative care model is working to coordinate existing resources, educate parents and providers, provide information technology supports, and promote preventive care to the children who need it most.

Reducing the Burden of Childhood Dental Disease


Project Leader

Amanda DeLandsheer

Amanda DeLandsheer

Program Coordination Lead, Health Innovations & Technical Assistance

Project Leader

Dan Armijo Portrait

Dan Armijo

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Project Leader

Imem Alem

Imen Alem

Implementation Lead, Health Innovations and Technical Assistance

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