Social Media GraphicAltarum’s subsidiary, Palladian Partners, plays a key role in crafting social media strategies for clients and creating and presenting content to engage varied audiences. For the Office on Women’s Health (OWH) within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Palladian supports social media outreach for seven differentiated, consumer-focused accounts. This support includes development of a strategic content calendar, message implementation, continuous monitoring of accounts for opportunities to increase engagement, and ad hoc support.

To successfully engage OWH’s audiences, Palladian develops different types of message styles, incorporates photographs and multimedia where appropriate, and develops relationships with analogous organizations to share and expand reach and resources. Recognizing that social media is at its best when it is fresh and current, Palladian supplements evergreen content with timely, in-the-moment copy based on emerging leadership needs, current events, and other relevant news reports.

While the development of engaging content is essential to successful social media outreach, Palladian believes that evaluation is just as critical. Palladian provides ongoing social media analytics to OWH that demonstrate which tactics are working to best engage audiences and which messages receive the most activity. This information is critical to building effective strategies that respond to growing trends and audience needs.