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BHTAC Recovery Timeline

BHTAC Recovery Timeline

BHTAC Blog Archive

BHTAC Blog Archive

2015 Bumper Stickers

2015 Recovery Month Bumper Stickers

Recovery Month 2015

Join us in celebrating recovery by creating your own recovery bumper sticker and sharing it with your family, your friends, and the world.

Recovery Month 2014

September is National Recovery Month!

Altarum Stories of Recovery - 2012

Altarum stories of recovery from 2012 - Recovery Month

Recovery Bumper Sticker Templates

Recovery Month Bumper Stickers

Recovery Month 2013

September is Recovery Month! The Access to Recovery team is celebrating with several exciting initiatives to get the word out: recovery is possible and ATR is making a difference!

CDC's d-up! HIV Intervention: Video Development, Production, Distribution

Altarum led the development, production, and distribution of a 30-minute instructional video and 5-minute promotional video on the d-up: Defend Yourself! HIV prevention intervention, which targets African American men who have sex with men.

Preparing State Substance Abuse Agencies for Health Care Reform

Altarum assisted SAMHSA in providing technical assistance and training to help all 50 state substance abuse agencies respond to the requirements of health care reform, individual State initiatives, and new federal regulations.

The Women’s Mental Health Project

Altarum gathered extensive qualitative data to produce a call to action on women's mental health for policymakers, researchers, and health care providers.

Recovery Community Services Program (RCSP) Technical Assistance Center

Altarum operates the RCSP Technical Assistance Center for SAMHSA/CSAT, providing a wide range of recovery-oriented TA and training to this nationwide network of peer-run programs.

Opioid Treatment Disaster Planning Study for the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT)

Altarum studied the feasibility of designing a Web-based data system to use during a disaster to track and maintain the dispensing of medication to patients being treated for opioid dependence in the New York City metro area.

Technical Assistance to SAMHSA’s Access to Recovery (ATR) Program

Altarum supports the SAMHSA's Access to Recovery (ATR) grant program by providing technical assistance, training, publications and meeting support to help states, tribes, and community-based organizations develop recovery-oriented systems of care.

DCoE for Psychological Health (PH) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

As a subcontractor to Deloitte, Altarum provides subject matter expertise in the form of physicians, psychologists, nurses and doctoral level researcher to DCoE component centers Deployment Health Clinical Center and Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center, as well as the program management office.

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