Medicaid beneficiaries on average face greater health challenges than the general population. Altarum's solutions are helping to close health disparities through innovative application of technology and data analytics.

Medicaid Solutions


Our work with state Medicaid programs is helping to improve population health outcomes through health IT and advanced analytics. We bring deep expertise in quantitative methods and technology and combine it with knowledge of population health. See below about our work with New York and Michigan's Medicaid programs, and how we're improving oral health for children enrolled in Medicaid.

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Rick Keller

Rick Keller

Director, Connected Health

Areas of Expertise
  • Health Information Exchange 
  • Disease Surveillance  
  • Interoperability

Rick manages the development of highly technical health care software systems that support disease reporting, syndromic surveillance, public health registries, and other functions. Rick holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in computer science from the University of Michigan and Oakland University, respectively.

Greg Matthews

Greg Matthews

Deputy Director, Value in Health Care

Areas of Expertise
  • Analytic Tools
  • Applied Research
  • Evaluation

Greg leads research and consulting programs for federal and state government clients. As an expert in statistical science and data analytics, Greg supports public health and health care programs by quantifying performance and delivering actionable insights. He holds a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Washington.