Veterans Health Administration Consolidated Patient Account Center (CPAC) Program Workforce Development (WFD)

Altarum performed a comprehensive assessment of CPAC Workforce Development performance, identifying gaps in services, and providing recommendations based on industry best practices.

Veterans Health Administration Consolidated Patient Account Center (CPAC) Program Workforce Development (WFD)


CPAC sought Altarum to initiate a WFD Training Needs Analysis to perform a comprehensive assessment of current CPAC WFD performance, identify gaps in services, and provide recommendations based on industry best practices to improve overall program effectiveness.

The scope of this assessment included a comprehensive review of the CPAC WFD, existing metrics, and training-related documentation, ultimately focusing on identifying gaps in CPAC educational requirements and leveraging those gaps to identify opportunities to coordinate training efforts with other U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs entities. The three objectives of this analysis follow:

  • Compiling information about the training resources provided to CPAC supervisors and managers, obtaining feedback on perceived effectiveness of training, and identifying gaps in training requirements;
  • Reviewing capabilities of existing virtual and in-person training modules, evaluating current tools provided to staff, and determining the adequacy of training modules and delivery methods; and
  • Analyzing the structure of the centralized CPAC WFD program, reviewing the process for updating training materials, comparing identified framework against industry-recognized best practices, and applying solutions to findings.

Key Successes

The key successes of this initiative are still to be determined. Altarum’s opportunity to assist CPAC in realizing a best-practice staff development and retention program is achievable. Altarum can support CPAC with continuing to build on the competency-based management (CBM) development framework that was revealed in 2011. CBM integration across the human capital lifecycle provides a multitude of opportunities, with varying levels of benefits to an organization based on its unique mission, culture, and influences.

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