Create Your Own Caregiver Corps: A Toolkit from Altarum and Livingston County Catholic Charities

Report | August 06, 2020

The Caregiver Corps Toolkit was created by Livingston County Catholic Charities (LCCC) and Altarum’s Program to Improve Eldercare with special funding provided by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund. The goal of this flexible, easily adaptable online instrument is to aid community-based organizations anywhere and everywhere to create their own volunteer-led initiatives. They can adapt these materials for recruiting and running local programs that are designed to provide valuable non-medical services to highly vulnerable people who are living at home.

The Caregiver Corps Toolkit provides guidance on how to assist recipients who are seeking to maintain their health (social, mental, and physical) and independence while aging in place with their families.

Quite often, these are recipients with limited support systems, who often do not have family or friends in the community; or whose family and friends have significant struggles of their own.

The tool also provides a way to deliver highly cost-effective services to recipients living on limited incomes. It also provides a foundation for assessing recipient needs, identifying the support services that will be most beneficial, and guidance on developing organizational policies and procedures that are needed to manage both recipient care and volunteer recruitment and support.

In addition, this toolkit includes information about volunteer screening and training. Thoughtful training and support are essential for providing volunteers with the skills and confidence they need to provide quality in-home care.

Download Create Your Own Caregiver Corps: A Toolkit from Livingston County Catholic Charities

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