July 2016 Health Sector Economic Indicators Briefs

Economic Indicators | July 15, 2016

National health spending in May 2016 was 5.0% higher than in May 2015. Spending on prescription drugs dropped to 5.2% growth, continuing its decline from the 12.2% spike in 2014. Official government projections released on July 13 anticipate spending growth of 4.8% for all of 2016, the lowest rate since 2013. Health jobs grew 3.2% year over year while non-health jobs grew 1.6%, increasing the health share of total employment to a new all-time high of 10.78%. Health care prices in May 2016 were 1.5% higher than in May 2015, the third consecutive month at this rate. Drug price growth fell to 3.3% from 4.0% in April. (emphasis added)

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