There is a massive transformation currently occurring in the healthcare industry—a transformation focused on improving quality, achieving better outcomes and lowering costs. To be successful, health care organizations must become more proficient in accessing, monitoring, and sharing health data to facilitate information exchange among all stakeholders. Given this evolving complex landscape, in which provider revenue is linked to cost savings and quality improvements, health care providers must accelerate adoption of technology solutions and analytic platforms that reveal insights to improve and extend health care delivery. The Altarum Team provides a wide range of services to exceed future standards of care and ensure effective, efficient, financially sustainable health care delivery systems.

Altarum’s Business Analytics Service Area provides advisory and consulting services in enterprise data management, business intelligence, and advanced analytics, with focus on operational aspects and emphasis on Big Data strategy and technology. We assist health care organizations in transforming data into actionable insights to improve performance, make informed decisions, and achieve measurable results.

Altarum services address the following IT challenges as organizations seek to leverage data and analytics for increasing revenue, reducing costs, improving quality, and achieving desirable outcomes:

  • Ineffective Data Governance
  • Fragmented Data Environment
  • Limited Analytics Capabilities
  • Remote Access via Cloud & Mobile Platforms
  • Proliferation of Big Data 

Through its systems integration expertise, Altarum provides support through all phases of the systems development lifecycle, including architecture assessment, gap analysis, roadmap development, design specifications, acquisition strategy, and phasing plan. Our application development services offer an agile methodology for rapid deployment of solutions that span a broad spectrum of use cases, including clinical decision support, population health, utilization optimization, care coordination, revenue cycle management, resource allocation, and payment reform.

Core Capabilities:

  • Enterprise Data Management: Data Governance, Data Strategy, Data Quality, Data Modeling, Metadata Management
  • Business Intelligence: Data Integration (ETL & Discovery Tools), Data Staging, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Reporting, Dashboards and Visualizations
  • Advanced Analytics: Predictive Modeling, Forecasting, Scenario Planning, Simulation, Optimization
  • Systems Integration: Architecture Assessment, Workflow Automation, SDLC Management
  • Application Development: Platform Solutions, Cloud Computing, Mobile Applications


<Value-added Services:>

API Management | Data Virtualization | Event-driven Architecture

<Specialized Expertise:>

Big Data Analytics | Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources


Using its results-oriented, outcomes-based delivery model, Altarum creates interdisciplinary, integrated teams of specialists to guide, build, and deploy innovative, cost-effective solutions for addressing clients’ data and information challenges. Among our strengths is our ability to inform and influence clients based on fact-based, objective recommendations. Our team of highly skilled professionals helps organizations overcome the challenges associated with the discoverability, availability, accessibility, and reliability of enterprise data required to make well-informed decisions. For each client engagement, we are guided by the following principles in the strategic management of innovation:

  • Possess intellectual curiosity and willingness to “push the envelope”
  • Utilize a risk-based, portfolio approach
  • Leverage the cumulative effect of continuous incremental advances
  • Provide a forum for collaboration and encourage free exchange of ideas among stakeholders

Altarum’s Business Analytics expertise enables clients to make data-driven business decisions and communicate information clearly, effectively and visually, through consistent access to all enterprise information. We design systems that provide the right users access to the right information at the right time.