Altarum Business Transformation combines industry standard strategic planning and process improvement methodologies with best practices in change management. This allows us to not only identify the challenges, but by incorporating change management see it through to resolution.

Our approach consists four stand-alone modules (Assessment, Transformation, Change Management, and Governance) each containing a unique methodology that can be customized to meet a specific client need, or work together to provide a comprehensive solution.

Business Process Improvement/Reengineering (BPR/I) (Lean)
Altarum has helped clients implement continuous process improvement for more than a decade. Our approach features Lean methodology and is focused on eliminated waste in the form of time, effort, and materials that have an impact on cost and quality. We employ a five step process that combines business analytics, continuous process improvement, change management, and governance to identify ways to improve, obtain consensus, and implement solutions.

Altarum offers a dedicated team of highly quality Lean experts –  with deep experience in applying Lean principles in government agencies and complex health care systems. BPI/R Core Services Offered include: Lean Consulting, Lean Mentoring & Coaching, Lean simulations, training, and certification programs.

Strategic Planning
What is strategy? Vision? Mission? Goals? Priorities? Strategic Objectives? Action planning?
There really is no one answer and every organization or client can, and usually does, view strategy differently. Altarum helps clients define their strategy using an iterative process  and works with them to identify where they must focus (mission), in a given time frame (vision), how they intend to get there (goals and objectives), and the key initiatives that will govern the day-to-day work.

Altarum leveraged the Norton-Kaplan industry best practice approach to develop a five phased methodology to strategic planning. We consider our incorporation of change management at every step in the process a key differentiator from our competitors. By integrating change management, we secure the buy-in from the people who perform the work, increasing the likelihood of success of the strategic planning exponentially.

Change Management
Changes that involve a different way of doing work, new skills or knowledge, or personal accountability and a higher level of employee engagement – most commonly seen with transformation efforts–require a different approach. In order to obtain the buy-in necessary to achieve the long term benefits of a transformation effort, you need to engage,  involve, and enable the workforce.

This is where an effective change management strategy will help achieve the results you planned. Many of us have heard about change  management or organizational change, but what is it really? Change Management (CM), like project management or financial management, is a professional discipline, rooted in science with a defined approach that is supported by processes, tools, and best practices. The purpose of CM is to develop a framework within organizations to encourage  personnel to embrace change.

CM requires time, money, and dedicated resources, but when executed correctly yields powerful results. Altarum knows that one theory does not fit all. Our CM approach is rooted in organizational and behavioral science and incorporates industry best practices including: Kotter, Kouzes, Prosci, Patterson-Conner Commitment Curve, and Georgetown University Change Management Advanced Practitioners. Consisting of eleven change components, our approach is flexible, scalable, and customizable. 

The core components stand-alone with distinctive methodologies and deliverables and work together to form a CM Roadmap that will meet any client challenge. The CM roadmap begins with clearly articulating the need for the change as well as the value and benefits to be achieved, ensuring executive support, and identifying what is needed to make sure the workforce is involved, engaged, and prepared for the change. Customized solutions build upon the core elements and allow Altarum to design a unique path that specifically  meets any client challenge.