Health Program Management, Technical Assistance, and Evaluation IconAn integral part of any health initiative is a strong program design and the ability to assess and evaluate the performance outcome of the effort.

A hallmark of Altarum’s approach is the groundwork we lay in developing effective health programs, management strategies, budget monitoring, quality assurance, and program evaluation methods.

We work with government agencies, community-based organizations and non-government organizations, foundations, and key stakeholders and use appropriate data sources to inform program planning and policymaking, and we create opportunities for capacity-building and learning.

Our skilled subject matter experts employ rigorous methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis to inform decisionmaking. Our offerings include a complete range of survey services, from study design, analysis, and reporting, to tools for quality improvement simulation.

By combining critical analytical skills with hands-on management experience, we offer our clients guidance that is not only grounded in best practices and practical in real-world situations, but focused on the program goals and health outcomes they hope to achieve.