Altarum has a decades-long history of performing economic analyses and health care requirement analyses in support of military medical construction projects. Altarum developed the Procedures Manual for conducting these analyses, based on our seven-step approach.

This approach has proven to be very robust and scalable: we have conducted analyses on over 30 facilities, for all three medical departments, in support of a wide range of facilities, including primary care clinics, community hospitals, large medical centers, isolated facilities, and those with complex overlapping catchment areas such as the National Capital Area. We have also adapted them for application to the DOD’s drug testing program, conducting the first Laboratory Economic Requirements Analysis. The studies require expertise in population and health care data, health care policy, and statistical analysis and economic modeling.

Health technology assessment plays an essential role in modern health care by supporting evidence-based decision making in health care policy and practice. Altarum focuses on the systematic evaluation of properties and effects of health technology. We also focus on determining if health care technologies are safe and effective.

By using evidence-based tools and resources, we can help health care policymakers and organizations make informed health technology decisions. Altarum’s health technology assessment activities are conducted by interdisciplinary groups of clinical, technical, policy, and public health professionals using explicit analytical frameworks drawing from a variety of methods.