From concept to delivery, the in-house video department of Altarum and its subsidiary Palladian Partners helps you reach the widest possible audience with maximum impact and effectiveness.

We turn your ideas into storyboards, then capture your event or interview with multi-camera high definition clarity. In editing, we find the best takes and put them together into a smooth flowing story. Then we add motion graphics, animation, music, and voice-over to make your ideas come to life.

We deliver your video in the format of your choice, from the Web to DVD. To see a sample of our work, watch our video highlights on YouTube, or here.  And for more, see and read the related project highlights below.

National Recovery Month ThumbnailNational Recovery Month: Altarum made a short video showcasing National Recovery Month through positive images of hope, family, and future.


Veterans Point of Service (VPS) Marketing (whiteboard animation):  As part of the VPS Program Support, two short videos were created to act as supplements to a longer in-person training course. The videos were created in the popular “whiteboard animation” style and feature narrated concepts with hand-drawn illustrations.

How to Apply for VA Health Benefits ThumbmailDepartment of Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Videos: As part of the campaign to educate Veterans about VA health care and encourage them to enroll, Altarum developed two short videos.

Consumer on the Street Interviews: Interviewers from the Altarum Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care asked consumers on the streets of Washington, DC, questions about health care. These video clips help illustrate the variation in consumer perceptions and knowledge of health care issues.

CSHS Infographic ThumbnailCenter for Sustainable Health Spending March 2012 Infographic: Altarum’s Center for Sustainable Health Spending created a series of videos to supplement their monthly Health Sector Economic Indicators Briefs. These videos were short visual pieces that animated complicated charts and clearly illustrated normally difficult-to-digest economic concepts.

Read a related project highlight: Educational Live-Footage Video on the Dangers of Excess Sodium Consumption

Read a related project highlight: Development and Production of an Instructional and Promotional Video to Support the Diffusion of the CDC's D-up! Behavioral Intervention