Altarum’s subsidiary KAI Research, Inc. has experience in large-scale registries both domestically and internationally; based on this experience we have developed innovative and cost-effective strategies to collect registry data allowing for an accurate snapshot of patient clinical information and characteristics as well as health care services and quality over a period of time.

Once the specifications are defined, KAI can establish a registry database which can be expanded to include an unlimited number of patient populations. The KAI approach and our in-house systems provide the ability to collect, track and measure registry data in order to effectively describe the outcomes of interest.

Additionally, registry data can be used to:

  • create the foundation of a broad risk management program,
  • understand and track the natural history of disease,
  • determine patient population dynamics and treatments, and
  • aggregate analysis using built in validated reports.

Using a KAI developed Registry Web Portal clinicians and investigators can obtain real-time information, including overall registry and site –specific status. The portal provides an easy-to-use dashboard that provides interactive tools to obtain ongoing, comprehensive views of the important aspects of how a product or system is performing in the real world.

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Contact: Patti Shugarts

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