Capability Overview
Altarum’s Program Integrity service offerings provide organizations with a focused risk approach to identifying and managing financial, business, and technology risks. This  approach helps our clients focus on areas of increased risk, bridge the organizational gaps within an enterprise, develop risk mitigation strategies, and identify opportunities that can be leveraged to create value to an organization. Altarum provides seasoned professionals that can assist an organization with:

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Internal Control Systems
  • Internal Audit Support and Compliance Reviews

Service Offering Descriptions

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Problem Statement - Risks are inherent to all aspects of an organization and therefore need to be continuously and systematically managed.
  • Solution – Altarum provides clients with a risk-based approach that incorporates the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) “Enterprise Risk Management- Integrated  Framework” and the tools needed to: identify potential events that may affect the entity, manage risk to be within an appropriate risk appetite, and provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of entity objectives.
  • Value for client – Altarum’s solution ensures that an organization is able to proactively identify and address enterprise level risks and opportunities thus allowing organizations  to meet business objectives and provide value to stakeholders.
  • Past Experience – Altarum provided the Department of Veterans Affairs Consolidated Patient Account Centers (CPAC) with effective risk advisory guidance that led to the development and implementation of an entity level Risk Management Program, including the proactive identification, mitigation and on-going monitoring of risks, issues, and opportunities.

Internal Control Systems

  • Problem Statement: Inadequate or nonexistent internal controls create opportunities for fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • Solution - Altarum provides subject matter expertise and advisory services to clients to help develop a customized internal controls system. Altarum will work with an  organization to develop and implement a year-by-year Internal Controls monitoring schematic. This includes the facilitation of functional risk assessments, identification of  managerial, manual and automated internal controls, development of an annual IC monitoring plan and development of a Corrective Action Plan process. Altarum also ensures anorganization is equipped with standardized internal control tools that are built upon industry best practices, including ICmonitoring work papers, test sheets, monitoring  programs and standardized report templates and executive reporting dashboards.
  • Value for client –The implementation of an Internal Control System increases an organizations effectiveness at identifying and controlling operational risks, which leads to improved business process optimization and increased efficiency.
  • Past Experience: Altarum developed a customized Internal Control System for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Consolidated Patient Account Centers (CPAC) that provided a top-down risk management approach to ensure operational risks are identified, controlledm and continually monitored at all levels of the CPAC enterprise.

In both challenging and favorable economic times, organizations need to continuously strive to be proactive, strategic and cutting edge. Altarum’s Program Integrity services are  rooted in a business mindset that combines deep risk management and internal control knowledge and an extensive commercial and government healthcare industry experience  that assists clients with addressing business issues across the broad spectrum of Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Control System Development and Internal Audit Support  and Compliance Reviews.