As an organization dedicated to health systems research, Altarum appreciates the impact of psychological health across the spectrum of health consumers. 

Research indicates that common psychological health phenomena such as depression, anxiety and substance use are common and represent a critical threat to the health and wellness of the population impacting recovery, worsening outcomes for other common health problems (e.g. heart disease and diabetes) and negatively impacting the cost of health care delivery. 

Altarum is focused on research in the psychological health domain through innovative projects such as the evaluation of severe psychological health problems in the VA system and support of the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and TBI. 

Our staff of experts include accomplished professionals from across the health provide/research system (e.g. psychologists, nurses and social workers). Altarum will continue to pursue important lines of research in psychological health focusing on areas such as military and veterans’ health, substance use, complex co-occurring disorders, program evaluation as well as assessment treatment effectiveness, efficiency and fidelity. 

We recognize that solving these complex problems supports better health and wellness for the population.