At Altarum, we know that knowledge transfer and technical assistance involves working closely with stakeholders to understand their needs and preferences for training, learning, and experience. Knowledge transfer is a process of transferring research, best practices, theory, and policy into practices that are usable by organizations.

Technical assistance is the means for closing the gap between what research suggests and what typically gets done in professional, clinical, and community settings. It is a collaborative process by which technical and subject matter expertise and skills are applied to the recipients’ concerns and needs in a flexible, tailored fashion.

For many federal and state public health agencies, technical assistance ensures that community- and faith-based organizations have essential knowledge and skills to deliver relevant services. Altarum has provided various forms of technical assistance, capacity building and knowledge transfer, from one-on-one intensive consultations to regional workgroups and trainings. Through technical assistance, Altarum helps build the learning networks and communities so vital to knowledge exchange and health improvement. 

Our team of technical assistance, capacity building and knowledge transfer professionals have provided support to grantees, communities, non-government organizations and community-based organizations, governmental agencies, and to public health departments in all U.S. states and territories.